How to Wear Fishnets, According to Instagram’s Coolest Crowd

Fun story: When I asked my mom for a pair of fishnets for Christmas (I figured the pair I bought last month would have already seen better days by then), she was off-her-rocker appalled. She responded to the effect of them being something only my boyfriend should buy me—or something I should buy myself—rather than a gift that I should open on Christmas morning in front of my dad and brother-in-law.

It was fair enough: She knows fishnets in the traditional sense—sexually suggestive with a hint of punk-goth, a type of hosiery that shouldn’t be seen by the general public, let alone something you’d wear to work. But these days, they’re as commonplace as opaque tights or sheer ankle socks or any other accessory, for that matter, and it’s never been more in-your-face than it is on Instagram. If you scroll through the tag (I don’t recommend it) you get a mixed bag: a few suggestive poses and goth-leaning, oft-NSFW outfits. But eventually, you’ll find a gem of a photo modern styling that’s just waiting to be copied. We did the digging to show you how to wear fishnets, as evidenced by Instagram’s coolest bloggers, stylists, and brands. Oh, and if you’re in the market for a new pair, my favorite fishnet tights are from ASOS, and these are my go-to fishnet socks. 20-plus looks to screen shot, ahead.

Photo: instagram / @lucywilliams02 Photo: instagram / @cristinabelciu Photo: instagram / @kate_lettherebegold Photo: instagram / @shhtephs Photo: instagram / @pixiemarket Photo: instagram / @klaudiak01993