What 65 Celebrities Wore to the Airport Recently

With all these Victoria’s Secret models prancing up and down the runways—airport runways, that is—in the past week, it got us thinking about how to travel in style. And while you might not find yourself wearing coordinated jeans and pink t-shirts your fellow travelers as the VS girls did en route to Paris this year (silver linings), you can cop the style of any number of other stylish gals walking through the hallowed gates of LAX or JFK or CDG or whatever.

Of course, it’s totally acceptable to don a pair of leggings and an oversize sweater and call it a day, though we always feel a little better when we’re wearing something stylish while trudging through security and eating 10 peanuts at 30K feet. Whatever your preference may be, here’s a look at 65 celebs on the way to or coming from a flight. Since there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be doing some traveling yourself this holiday season—even if it’s just to hop a bus or take a quick train ride—feel free to take inspiration from (or straight-up copy) some recent celeb flight style.

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